Each year there is typically at least one round of Mini Grants, either funded by the GBNLC or the City of Green Bay. Mini Grants have funded a variety of projects that Neighborhood Associations propose, including:

  • Public art pieces
  • Community gardens
  • Environmental projects

    Nicolet Drive Neighborhood Association's 2015 "Keep Kids Alive Drive 35" Mini Grant Project

    Nicolet Drive Neighborhood Association’s 2015 “Keep Kids Alive Drive 35” Mini Grant Project

  • Neighborhood Association branding
  • Little libraries
  • Neighborhood events
  • Scholarships
  • Crime prevention tactics

Every recognized Neighborhood Association may apply for Mini Grants. There is no limit on how many grants a Neighborhood Association may apply for or how much they can ask for. The Neighborhood Associations that submit well-prepared and information applications with creative and new ideas generally receive funding.

NOTICE- The 2019 Mini Grant Application is now open.  Deadline is May 6, 2019 for submission.  Click here for the 2019 Mini Grant Application.